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Founded in 2008,African Missions for Christ (AMFC) is a missionary organization that goes about preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ and doing Good. We are  committed to reaching the lost for Christ in Africa, through outdoor evangelism, open air crusades,school evangelism, revivals, medical care and various humanitarian reliefs projects.  Our goal is to take volunteers willing to make a difference in the lives of the people of Africa and create a positive impact in their lives. AFMC is not limited to one African country: We would serve and present the Gospel of Jesus Christ in any country where God send us. 

Through our short-term missions, we have opportunities for organizations; churches of all Christian denominations to get involve in different projects such as Church planting feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, building schools, prison visitation, hospital visitation and medical services for those that do not have. By doing these we would fulfill Matthew 25 V 35 to 40.We are open to working with other missionary organization in order to achieve a common goal. AMFC is currently focusing on the thousands of African youth and Children in Malawi who desperately need Christ and humanitarian help. Would you please join us in populating the kingdom of God by depopulating hell?. May the Lord bless you as you do so in Jesus name.


Rev. Russell L and Evang. Oluwafeyihanwa Theresa McElroy 

President Evangelist Oluwafeyihanwa Theresa McElroy was born in Lagos State Nigeria. She has been a Registered nurse for 35 yrs. She holds a Masters Degree in Nursing Education with certification in Gerontology.Her nursing career span over four continents, including Africa Europe, South America and North America. She has had the privilege of travelling to over 31 countries. She currently resides in Deltona Florida with her husband Rev. Russell McElroy. Evangelist Oluwafeyihanwa started her missionary journey 12 years ago by going on short Medical missionary trips  to the Amazon Jungles in Brazil South America with world Hope missions. God called Evangelist as a missionary to Africa in 2008. Evangelist is Energetic, compassionate,funny, vibrant and speaks fluent English and Yoruba Languages. Along with her ministry, Evangelist still works full time as a care coordinator at the Orlando Veterans Affairs Hospital. She is a motivational speaker and she is available to preach the word of God and health issues without dilution. She draws on her 35 years of experience to talk on  different health issues. her two motto are "Populate the Kingdom of God & depopulate hell" and  "Health is wealth".  She is currently one of the associate pastor of Christ Apostolic Church of Orlando Florida a Pentecostal Holy Ghost Filled Church. Evangelist & Reverend Russell would love to come and talk to you and your congregation even your Bible Study group about missions.To Invite Evangelist for speaking engagement, please check our event calendar. 

Reverend Russel McElroy was born in Wichita Kansas. He is a Vietnam War Veteran of the United states Army. He was self employed for 28 years. Reverend Russell has  been in the prison ministry for 22 years. He served as the Head Chaplin for 5  years in the County jail at Bellingham Washington. Reverend Russell pastored a church at the Lummni Indian Reservation in Washington State. Reverend is currently one of the volunteer Chaplin at the Volusia County jail in Daytona Beach Florida.

Reverend and Evangelist are blessed with three wonderful Children.

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