We travel to rural villages to preach the gospel of Christ to Students.  At each location, students from 6 to 10 schools( 3000-5000 students) will congregate to come listen to the message. We then give them tracks, school supplies and feed them a meal.

1 School Evangelism


Teresa and several sisters will meet with the girls grades 6-8 to teach them about feminine hygiene,  They are also each provided panties with reusable feminine pads.

2 Feminine Training

Even though they were maximum, security prison, we were able to meet with the prisoners, sing and dance with them and also share the gospel with them,  Many came to Christ.

3  Prison Ministry

Visited patients at the hospital to encourage them and to tell them about Jesus. Also donated some medication to the hospitals

4 Hospital Visits

We are currently building a house for missionaries to have a place to stay in Liwonde, Malawi. Join us on our next mission trip.

5 Mission House