" MISSION OF GRACE" Ephesians 2 v 8&9


April 6 to 11 Mission of Grace to Cuba.. Exploratory medical short medical mission to Cuba 


May 24 to June 12 : Mission of Grace to Malawi Africa.


November 1 to November 20 Mission of Grace to Gambia in west Africa and Malawi. Missionaries may choose to go to one or Both.


1) Missions to Gambia and Malawi cost is $3,00 November 1 to November 20 2018

2) Mission Cost to Malawi is $2,500 Alone . November 8 to November 21 2018.

3) ALL Mission of "GRACE " to Malawi are a must go Missions.On each Mission We would be Ministering, feeding and empowering  30, to 35, 0000 School Children each mission. We would be having revival and crusades at Canaan  land and with our affiliate Ministries. We would be having eye check and donating medication to Machinga District Hospital.We would be having empowerment Conferences. God willing we would be visiting, ministering and feeding at two new prisons.We would be following up with the Widows. 

Come and serve at the same time experience the power of  God manifest in you.