African Missions for Christ would only go on mission to any Nation by written invitation. By the grace of God through diligent prayer and fasting all countries to be visited and missions trips are planned a year ahead. This means That if you are considering inviting AMFC for 2015, time is running out. If you have written your letter and The Board under careful consideration and prayer have approved the request . We want to let you know that

We are very grateful for your invitation and we look forward to partnering with you in carrying and preaching the Gospel of Jesus to the Nations through open air crusade, conferences and school visit Evangelism. Evangelist Oluwafeyihanwa and her Husband Reverend Russell have been called to reach the the WORLD with the GOOD NEWS of Jesus Christ. She has been given the gift and the anointing to reach the youth and the Children of AFRICA. These has been proven by over 60 thousands of youth and children that have called on the name of the Lord Jesus Christ in her crusades and gathering. Reverend Russell has been in Prison and jail Ministry for over 20 years . As he travels with his wife he ministers to the forgotten and condemn prisoners, giving them hope and letting them know that Christ has not forgotten them.

We at AMFC knows that human being propose but it is only God who dispose nevertheless since we have the Mission, we must have a vision, and a goal so that we can do exploit for Christ together. The following are our criteria and expectations. Please read them carefully and respond to us know with a letter of consent. May the Glorify himself again in your ministry in Jesus name.

1) With due respect to our host, to prevent conflict, stress and failure we ask that no other church program is going on with our host partner's church at the same time as the crusade. We must avoid spreading our self thin to the point of ineffectiveness. Remember it is only God who is able and faithful.

2) AMFC does not pay any host, neither do we give honorarium to any host. We assist with ground cost such as crusade ground rental, PA system set up e.t.c. We raise funds to pay our way to come to your country. We encourage you to involve other pastors in your locality but if you find out that they are in it for the money, please direct them to www.africanmissionsforchrist.net where they can read and download this page. NO PAID PERSONNEL at AMFC, we are all servants and co laborer in the vineyard of Christ.

3) Host must have a schedule/ program of how of crusade will be run or handle from beginning to the end. That means we need written documents from opening prayer/ praise worship to counseling new believers.

4) please provide your plan on how you are going to follow up with new harvest.

5) All evangelical materials provided to you by AMFC for new believers such as Bibles,Gospel tracks, Certificate of New Birth, Who Am I in Christ bags and so on and so forth MUST be made available and ready for distribution on the crusade ground for each crusade.

**** please bear in mind that we prefer all materials to be distributed after alter call in an orderly manner ******

6) Evangelism is the heart beat of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We at AMFC want to believe that we are in these together therefore we expect our host to assist as much as possible financially in making the crusade a success . AMFC does not have a paid staff, neither do we carry a big budget We raise funds for everything we do . We are accountable to God and our partners.

6) Please make sure that the crusade ground is not far from your Church/ Churches OR a place you intend to plant a Church so that the harvest souls can have a place of worship to be directed. We strongly encourage you to plant churches before the crusade to receive the harvest.

7) we are servants of God and co laborer in his vine yard. please have all your pastors and pastors working with you to be ready to work for Christ. Please we beg you with the mercies of God, any pastor who feels that he cannot get off the stage/ pulpit OR would be offended when called upon to help should probably not be on your team.

8) AMFC would appreciate it if you can identify and make concrete arrangement for one or two prisons for visitation. Please make the name of the prisons and the basic need available to  Our prison ministry dept. led by Reverend Russell as soon as possible.