AMFC have THREE major mission trips to 3 African Countries planned for 2016. Would you please consider joining us on one or all of them. When you do, your life will never remain the same.  

All our Missions in 2016 are missions are missions of GREAT JOY 


God have given us the opportunity to minister again in Accra Ghana in MAY. We have been invited to Ghana by  the Prison Chaplin General Reverend TETE and the people of Praise International ministries under the leadership of Reverend Efua Duncan. God willing we would revisit the Nsamwam Prison and the Rehabilitation Center for prisoners in Ghana. We would be part of  a scheduled crusades and revival services organized by our host the People of Praise Sanctuary Ghana. We would  bless the prison with the word of God and physical food as well. We are very excited about this opportunity to change  lives . We invite you to please come with us with  your financial donation. 


The Malawi Mission is truly and unique and exciting. We would be meeting up with the representative of Days for Girls in Lilongwe. From Lilongwe, we would travel to Liwonde our new base. We would take care and monitor the progress of the two building project we are committed to i.e The Free Jesus Clinic and the Mission House. We have partnered with Ever Increasing Joy Ministries to do a four day Crusade and Conference in Machinga District Malawi. After each Crusade, we hope to Baptize the new converts in our two New Baptismal troughs. We would make preparation for the November Mission prior to leaving Malawi. We would visit  Chichiri a maximum Prison in Blantyre. We would visit the two Churches we help plant for our partners. Most importantly in all what we do, the name of Jesus is going to be proclaimed and Heaven will be populated.  


The Mission will start with the dedication and opening of the long awaited and much needed Mission House God willing. This is a big achievement for AMFC because we would be saving over $3,000 in Hotel fees both for missionaries and ground crew.

This our biggest mission of the year. We have the privilege to minister to 35,000 to 40,000 underprivileged village children in the predominantly Muslim district of Machinga. This will be our last cluster of schools in Machinga district then we move to another district. All these children will be  ministered to over 7 days period. We would  evangelize and counsel the children using the Chichewa gospel tracks and the salvation bracelets. All the children will be given the desperately needed humanitarian educational items such as spiral note books and writing utensils. We would be feeding  all the children with rice and beans and giving out  spoons to children who do not have any. We would do the mirror program and teach the children on how to wash their hands with soap to prevent infection.You are not finished the day until you do the dignity for village girls program and the children have a game soccer.

This will be your opportunity to participate in spontaneous village ministry on our way out of the schools.

We would be visiting and ministering at the Machinga District Hospital. This is a Hospital that serves almost 400,000 people with one MD. At the hospital we minister to mothers with new born and we go to the Children's unit as well where we bless the children. The joy of ministering to these hospitalized children is unquantifiable. Bless God for all the pharmacist who donate the desperately needed medications. We give all the donated medications to the hospital pharmacy.

Our next stop are the prisons. We would be visiting two major prisons  under the leadership of Reverend Russell McElroy. Reverend Russell will be ministering the word of God to the prisoners, giving them hope and blessing them physically as well with food, soap and towels.