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Dear Prayer partners, Supporters and Donors of AMFC,


I Reverend Godfrey Kamwendo from Malawi Africa write to thank you so much for praying, supporting and donating for the mission of fulfillment to Malawi November 2015. I am one of the 28 Pastors you supported to come on the Mission field. Your involvement made the mission to be successful and fulfilling.  We saw thousands of souls accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Wherever we went people come in masses to hear the good news and accepted Jesus as Lord and savior of their lives. The name of Jesus was called and glorified. Thank you so much for your prayers, support and donations. We are in this mission together and God will reward all of us for being faithful to the word of God and his promises. Everyone including the Children said they have never seen such a program before.


During our school programs thousands of School Children accepted Jesus as Lord and savior. Many parents who came to escort their children also accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and savior. We witnessed Muslims denouncing Islam and accepting Jesus as Lord and Savior. One Lady who is a teacher but a staunch Muslim joined the young girls who were singing and praising Jesus. She ended up accepting Jesus as Lord and Savior and leading the song that said she met Jesus today. She is now a Christian. We reached six clusters of schools and each cluster has 7 to 11 thousands Children. In all schools the head teachers acknowledged that they have never witnessed such masses coming to Jesus at one time. One teacher commented that it is his first time in his life to see masses coming to the Lord. Another teacher commented that, “I can’t believe that a fellow African sister ( Evangelist Theresa McElroy) can be used by God in such a way to reach masses.” In every school  people said they were witnesses to a miracle. Islamic schools like Bisa Islamic school closed to participate in our program. The mosque was closed throughout the day and not one single prayer was called for. Many children in this school are Muslims and all teachers are Muslims too and they all participated including the chiefs. When Evangelist Theresa called for people to receive Jesus, to our amazement Bisa Islamic school were first to raise up their hands to receive Jesus. In Chendausiku we reached thousands; in Machinga Boma we reached thousands; at Lisanjala we reached thousands; at Nkasaura we reached thousands; at St Therese we reached thousands; at Ferry we reached thousands. Glory to God. AMFC fed the students, give out school supplies and clothes. For thousands of the Children that was there first time of eating rice and beans with tomato sauce. Rice is eaten once a year and for special occasion. The school supplies are really needed. The soap, spoons and toothbrushes are very essential to health so I say thank you. Many thanks to the donors for the spiral notebooks because every child went home with a spiral note book pen or pencil. many mothers came on behalf of their sick children to collect writing materials for their children.


I want to really  thank God for the people who took time to make the thousands of  days for girls packages.The dignity for village girls program done at each school was highly attended because there are thousands of young school girls who are having their periods and had to stay home and miss out of school for 5 to 10 days. I don't know what the Evangelist tells them in the class as men are rarely accepted to attend. All I can hear from the inside is loud noises, singing and jubilation. The girls seems to come out of the class a different people who are ready to face the world. At ST Theresa's clusters there were so many girls, 6 classes were needed to accommodate the large number and Evangelist had to teach some teachers who helped her to teach the girls.


We had a wonderful time at Zomba central prison. We witnessed to 2374 inmates. Hundreds of inmates made a decision to follow the Lord Jesus. We were able to speak to some of the inmates we met and witnessed to last year at Maula prison but have been transferred to Zomba Central maximum prison. The inmates asked us to start AMFC ministry inside prison. We are praying over this request. We also visited Domasi prison for second time and the inmates were so happy to see us again. We received a warm welcome and hundreds accepted our gospel massage. We gave out Bibles and gospel literature, soap, towels, rice and clothes. The chaplain at Domasi wants AMFC to visit the prison often. Amazingly, for the first time at Domasi we reached with four female inmates with the gospel. Two of the female inmate are Muslims. One of the inmates we witnessed to last year at Domasi prison but now freed looked for us and he joined AMFC team helping on the mission field. His name is Lucky. The bags of rice you donated to the inmates at both Prisons were a big relief to the prison officials as many times they eat one meal a day or at times stay without food.


Special thanks to the pharmacists and pharmacies who donated medications and medical equipment. You did a wonderful job and God bless you abundantly. The pharmacists at Machinga Hospital were amazed with the kind and quality of medications you donated. There are rare medications and the hospital does not have them in stock. The pharmacists at Machinga Hospital kept saying we do not have this kind medicine for three months. he said "Ohh on Monday patients will be happy because there is now medication to treat their conditions. For the past three months the hospital has stayed without medication. One pharmacist said they have not carried Ibuprofen for 2 years. God bless you so much for the medication and many lives will be saved. Many of the medication you donated are expensive here in Malawi and many people cannot afford to buy them so they die. 

The ultrasound machine you donated was an answer to prayers according to the Matron of the hospital because the hospital does not have any of such machine. She promised that the hospital will take care of the machine and make sure it is put to good use. The baby hats, baby clothes and blankets were given to all the premature babies and the special need new born babies. The toys brought joy to the faces of children on admission in the hospital. This may be little to some people but it is a big blessing to us in Malawi.


Thank you for the five acres of land that was bought and paid for in full. The proposed projects for the land will bring more souls to the kingdom. The free clinic and the rehabilitation center will serve a great purpose to humanity.


Therefore I would like on behalf of Malawi people in Machinga District where we served thank you all for standing with AMFC. Your support and donations are a great help to the people of our country. Thank you for reaching Malawi spiritually, emotionally and physically.


Your Brother in Christ


Reverend Godfrey Kamwendo